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Do i need council approval to build my patio, carport or deck?

Patio with Council Approval

Wondering if you need council approval for your patio, carport or deck?

If you are building a structure (freestanding or attached to an existing building) and it exceeds 10m2 and/or 2.4m in height, a building permit is required.

When building with Asset, we can take care of the entire process for you. After drafting the plans, we lodge these along with the appropriate engineering, with a private certifier. The certifier will conduct the relevant searches on your property to locate any development overlays, easements or third-party assets such as storm water pipes and sewer lines.

If anything is found during the searches, an additional fee may be required to lodge a separate application for approval.


How close can I build to the boundary?

As a guide, patios and decks need to remain:
– 1.5m from the side or rear boundary
– 6m from the front boundary.

Carports can be located 0.5m to the side and rear boundary, provided they meet all of the following criteria:

– Height of the structure is not over 4.5m, and;
– The total length of all buildings or structures within the setback does not exceed 9m, and;
– The structure is located no closer than 1.5m to a window of a neighbouring dwelling.


What if I want to build closer to the boundary?

In most cases, a relaxation application can be made to your local council to allow you to build within these setbacks.

Patios and decks can go as close as 0.9m to the side & rear boundary, providing the affected neighbour has no objections to the proposed works. These applications do incur an additional cost.

If you require a setback closer than 0.9m, the National Construction Code states that a 60/60/60 firewall be constructed between the structure and boundary for fire separation. Open carports are exempt from this law.


Please note this information has been provided as a guide only and relates to the most common residential zones. It is recommended you check with your local authority for council approval requirements.

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