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Beware of scams using our business details.

We have been made aware of someone fraudulently using our business name and logo to trick people into fake contracts for patios, carports & decks.

This particular scammer is targeting people requesting home renovation work via external websites, such as One Flare, and replying to ads via phone. Elaborate invoices have been generated, however there is distinguishing features that can identify these as fraud. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Invoices not received by an email address ending in @assetoutdoor.com.au;
  • Email address listed on the invoice not ending in @assetoutdoor.com.au;
  • Mobile number listed alongside the 1300 number;
  • Terms & conditions with spelling & punctuation errors. (Our invoices do not include t&cs; you will find these on your contract);
  • Requesting a larger deposit than 10%;
  • Bank account not ending in 030;

If you have any concerns, or have experienced fraud using our business name, please call on 1300 727 124.

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